Brand Your Heart Out Plan for the new year

Are you ready for the new year and all the changes it will bring to your business?
Are you taking control of your customer word-of-mouth marketing as we leap forward into a new year?

Here’s a quick run down of a few brand direction questions to ponder as you merrily sip egg nog by the chimney and enjoy some homemade shortbread in the shape of bells and boots.

Brand Goals
How do you want to be remembered?
What one thing would you like your clients to know about your business by the end of next year?

Brand Blind Spots
Are you still carefully tiptoeing the invisible line that divides personal passion with business success? Do you worry that being too “authentically you” will somehow make you less “professional” or less credible as an entrepreneur?

Brand Heart
Where do your true passions lie, and how can you bring more of them into your business?

Are there overlooked opportunities to connect with, promote, or form a partnership with an organization that you feel strongly about?

Are you branding your heart out, and wearing it on your sleeve?

How passionate do you feel about your business?
Passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and that they set brands on fire – so if you are are feeling a little flat on the passion end of things, try to remember why you started your business in the first place! Your why will help you to rekindle your passion.

For 2015, I wish you a brand-happy, blissful year full of amazing personal discoveries, business moments of pure joy, and overwhelming growth of your authentic brand.

About Chris Donnelly

Chris Donnelly is a brand strategist and a launch specialist. She works with entrepreneurs to flesh out their values, their launch plans and that special unspoken secret ingredient that makes them unique in the marketplace.

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