Brand Strategy vs. Production of Graphics

It always amazes me how different businesses place very different values on these two things:

Brand Strategy: My larger clients want this. They want to know why things are being done, they want a cohesive plan, and they want a strategic approach to capturing market share. They want a brand that speaks one language, all the time – and they want it’s voice to be heard.

Graphics: My smaller clients put so much more importance on these. They pin all their hopes to this egg basket. Graphics. Tangible things. A pretty flyer. Something they can hold.

It makes perfect sense that when you have no marketing plan at all, that something to hold feels safe and right – and proactive. Larger companies tend to see this a little differently – they don’t want something to hold, unless they know why it will turn a profit. They want an intelligent approach that will work.

Which of these two do you value more?

About Chris Donnelly

Chris Donnelly is a brand strategist and a launch specialist. She works with entrepreneurs to flesh out their values, their launch plans and that special unspoken secret ingredient that makes them unique in the marketplace.

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