Every great company has one.
Think of a brand you love…
and hold that thought for a brief moment…. It makes you “feel” a certain way when you purchase from them, right? What is the personality that they communicate in their stores and in their ads? That corporate character- that personality- is their brand personality, and it’s consistently communicated via a brand story that people love. A great brand story connects with potential clients. It’s about intuition and effective persuasion, and it’s as much about your target audience as it is about yourself.

We weave truthful brand stories that allow your customer to feel emotionally connected to your company. It is in this intuituve, instinctive and uniquely emotional connection where branding magic really dwells. This is our favorite type of work, and we do it very well.

Do You Need a Brand Story?
Without a brand story, you can only control a small piece of the branding pie rather precisely. Things like price and employee uniforms can be shaped without a set brand story. There are, however, other branding channels that are infinitely more difficult to shape. (Positive word of mouth, a great first impression, a truly unique experience, client reaction to your ad…etc.) Because these brand opportunities live in the realm of client perception they are difficult to direct and control unless you have a plan. They are also the most influential in determining the success of your brand.

You know that certain je ne sais quoix that urges you to purchase something because you think it will make you feel a certain way? That is great branding at work.

Pixelbrand lives in this domain. We create authentic moments that are opportunities for you to really connect with your customers. Without a strong brand story these branding opportunities are much more unruly and they are, at best, wildly unpredictable. Your brand, when created strategically, can begin to shape these customer perceptions as early as the first interaction with a potential client. You need to begin with a creative brand story and back it with your great product and customer service; then promote it religiously with professionally designed marketing materials that support that same story. What you will churn out of this exercise will be pure gold.


We want you to get inside the heart and soul of your brand. What makes it tick? And why do your customers love it? Rebranding strategically is a process… we would love to get started.
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