I had two calls today from two wonderful business owners who were sure they didn’t need a new website.

They needed the imagery to add to their existing websites.
And they wanted new content.
A brand story. New text for the about us section, and a better product area.

But – nope. Not a new website.

From a design perspective, forcing beautiful new imagery into a pre-existing structure is like putting a brand new interior into an old Datsun. And new content would be like adding a new engine to that same rotten frame.

The content should be structured in a way that makes sense, and in a way that makes it easy to read.
Your unique content should flow well.

If you are buying the motor, and you are buying a brand new interior , wouldn’t it make more sense to just buy the new car? The price is almost the same, but the final presentation is night and day.



About Chris Donnelly

Chris Donnelly is a brand strategist and a launch specialist. She works with entrepreneurs to flesh out their values, their launch plans and that special unspoken secret ingredient that makes them unique in the marketplace.

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