Your logo will become an important part of your brand. Your logo is the basic visual building block of your brand. Over time, as your clients and customers get to know your brand, your logo design will come to represent all of the experiences that they have had with your company. If you are just starting out, your logo (along with your initial launch campaign) is a key factor in convincing others that they should take a chance on your brand.

If you are launching a new company, a professional logo is a crucial part of looking polished, competent, and ‘open for business’.


Design Prep



30 MINUTE 1-ON-1


Studio Work









STEP 1: We send you an initial brand questionnaire to understand your goals, needs, and target demographic. We will ask about your competition, your pricing, the audience that you want to appeal to, and the communication goals of your new brand. This information is vital as we move forwards in the design process to create something that is not only memorable, but also something that works to drive sales.

STEP 2 : When you are ready to begin we require a design deposit. (50% of total value.) We do most of the strategic work in the first round of conceptual design. It will take 4 – 6 business days for us to create a set of 4 – 6 initial concepts. Our first round of design is a little different than the industry standard of 3 initial mocks of the logo only.

We also propose cards at this stage, so that you can see how each design could potentially look as a tanglible printed item. While many clients can imagine the designs as cards, those who are not as visually oriented find this perk in the first round of design to be particularly helpful in making descisions.

STEP 3: You tell us which of the concepts you like the best, which designs appeal to you the most, which card you prefer, which colours strike you as the most in line with what you were hoping for, etc. This feedback should come within a week of receving your first concepts. We ask this of our clients because we keep studio time open for your project during this period. This allows us to ensure a quick turn-around time for your project.

After we receive your feedback, we take 2 business days to get back to you with your changes. These changes are based on the original concepts that we send, and your feedback. If there is a specific idea that you would like to explore, this should be built into the first round.

STEPS 4 & 5: We send changed mocks, you give us feedback. Repeat.
Our pricing includes up to 3 rounds of changes to the original concepts.
This is the industry standard, and in our experience this is more than enough time to dial your perfect logo. (We spend more time than most agencies on round 1, and we usually only require 2 rounds of changes to find a final design. We’ve built in an extra round, just in case.) For those clients who want to see more options, and who want to continue the design process beyond the regular time (less than 5% of clients need to add another round) extra rounds are billed per hour.

STEP 6: You choose your new logo to represent your growing brand, and we send your cards off to be printed. If you are choosing a greener printing option (100% post-consumer waste recycled papers and vegetable based inks, for example) the cards can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. If you want a super-speedy option we can send for regular cards and get them to you within 3 business days of making your final decision.

STEP 7: Final payment is due when the final designs are done and the cards are sent off to print. You will receive a shipping notifcation or tracking number if you live outside of the Newmarket or Toronto area. If you are in the GTA, or are close to Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, etc. – we can arrange a drop off for you.

Last Step: Grow your business! Use your logo + cards to grow your business. If you aren’t sure how, ask us.

20% of the people on the planet are highly visual.

Put your new image everywhere.
• website • facebook page • twitter profile
You should aim to have all of your social media outlets designed to match your main website.

• signage • invoices • business cards • envelopes • brochures • powerpoint designs
Have your website match your office, and your office match your corporate identity. Have your corporate identity reflected on all of your printed campaigns.

Consistency is key here.