Newmarket and Aurora are competitive towns. We’re growing and bustling, and as business owners we’re close enough to Toronto that we need to offer a better value to our customers in order to remain competitive. (Case in Point: Do you know anyone who has gone to Yorkdale instead of Upper Canada Mall?)

So, being just 35 minutes of the city, how can your business compete?

I often hear small business owners lament that they “just aren’t big enough” to think about competing with their larger neighbors in the design and branding domains. The fact is, that unless you are an inventor with rock-solid patents, you probably aren’t enjoying complete exclusivity when it comes to your product or service. Our wager at Pixelbrand Creative Agency is that there are many people competing for your customers. We have a penchant for local business, and we want to help you stand out against your competition. With the right design strategy and with professionally created promotional tools you can raise your locally owned business until your location is bursting at the seams with local buyers. Really.

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Great graphic design paired with a solid brand story – in Newmarket – can do the exact same thing that these persuasive marketing tools do in Toronto. They drum up business for you. They make you trust-worthy to a potential client, and more importantly: They make your business intriguing.

Strategic, persuasive and noteworthy design will make them look.

A well-woven, uniquely scribed brand story will peak their curiosity, and you have the potential to create an emotional connection with your LOCAL clients that your giant competitor could never dream of doing.

We’d love to talk to you about your York Region based business. The possibilities that are out there to connect with local clients haven’t been this great since; well- since you knew each neighbour on your street and shared Christmas cake with their children. The changing consumer shift towards local and sustainable means that there are plenty of opportunities for your business. Why not give us a call and take advantage of the tools that are available?

We design phenemonal, world-class GRAPHICS that will make your web design and your ads, your brochures and your packaging more visually appealing to your customers We are marketing designers, so we also make sure that your graphics are sales oriented and not just pretty.

Our Newmarket based number: (289) 231-6514