The Challenge

When a client provides us a tagline like What would you do with access to your deepest reservoir of natural power? – we squeal in delight, because we know it’s going to be a brand match made in heaven.

On the cutting edge of coaching and NLP (neurolinguistic programming), Wildfire Wisdom in Newmarket needed a new brand design that was memorable, that invoked a sense of curiosity and mystery, and visuals that spoke to the coaching work that the company provides in the outdoors.

Part of their mandate is to offer clients a closer connection to nature, and so the brand includes striking imagery of forests, textured blues and bright reds, as well as heavy use of jewel tones. It’s nature imagery done differently!

The website design pulls inspiration from the logo and cards, and uses the flame element from the logo as icons to branch off into different areas of the site. A mysterious and powerful design for a powerful NLP master practitioner whose work is mind blowing… Totally intuitive and powerfully creative design projects? Ooh yes. We are in. Check out Sue’s site for more info on NLP Newmarket – she’s hypno-mental-model awesome.

  • logo design
  • business card design
  • letterhead
  • responsive website
  • email newsletter designs
  • pdf give-away designs
  • postcard design
  • Graphics for NLP course material

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