The Challenge

Grey Rock Clothing Co. in Guelph is an uber-cool retail store that carries amazing, stylish clothing and accessories that are made sweat-shop free.

We like to brag a bit about this one.
When Beth and Jeff came to us they wanted to provide people with a free app that allowed them to find sweat-shop free products. They were horrified that they couldn’t find out how the products that they were buying were made, and they didn’t want to contribute to a system that meant unfair labour and supply-chains that were questionable, at best. We helped them to hone their desires and wishes to help people with this problem,and challenged them to think strategically about creating something altrustic and self-sustaining, with a revenue model that would allow them to help the greatest number of people for the longest amount of time.

While the free app idea was beautifully rooted in their desires to connect sweat-shop free clothing and items to the public – they came back a few weeks later with a new idea. They would open a retail store where they could actually stock sweat-shop free items and where they would be the ones providing the goods. They started with women’s and men’s clothing and accessories, and created a beautiful store. We helped with branding, signage, interiors, website, business cards and advertisements. The whole shebang.

If you take a peek in the imagery section above, you’ll see a cool infographic that we designed that helps their customers figure out what clothes are best for their body type.

The project was a giant success, and many more people shop sweat-shop free because of Beth and Jeff’s desire to help others. Check their site out here.

  • logo design
  • business card design
  • letterhead
  • event banner
  • tri-fold brochure

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