The Challenge

Dr Howard Eisenberg is a neuroscientist and an M.D. who offers executive and life coaching services to clients in Newmarket, ON.

He needed a new brand, website design, and new packaging for his digital product.  He came to us with the request to give his marketing tools a refined and consistent look-and-feel, and to hook up his e-commerce for product sales and digital downloads. We changed his brand name to his personal name, because we were branding Howard as an expert in his area and we wanted to move away from a brand name that didn’t speak to the great value that he personally offers clients when he works with them one-to-one.

We began with his logo. Inspired by the “golden ratio”, we designed a spiral to communicate the transformation process that is an integral part of Dr. Eisenberg’s coaching work. The bright colours in his logo speak to the creative process and the creative nature of his work.

His website showcases images of Howard (allowing potential clients to  feel connected with him before their first arrival) and we also integrated bright, creative imagery that positive while remaining professional and serious.

  • branding (naming and logo design)
  • business card design
  • coaching website design
  • e-commerce creation
  • CD packaging
  • digital download prep and delivery

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