The Challenge

Hormone Soup needed a brand that would be memorable.
Blogger Sonya Satveit was attending blogging conferences, and she wanted a fun, female-focused logo design that people would love.

Since conversations and piquing curiosity are the key to self-promotion when you are out networking, we created a set of cards that would be beg some questions.

Sonya’s work includes educating women on hormone imbalances, so each card has a different hormone on the back, along with a pronunciation guide a a few symptoms that may occur when this hormone isn’t in check.

When she hands out a card it’s like choose your own hormone, and for sure people remember her for it!

From there, we worked with her on branding her TV show and setting up credits and lower thirds for video interviews. (Lower thirds are the graphics that appear on the bottom portion of the TV screen, with the name and title of the person talking.)

  • branding (naming and logo design)
  • business card design
  • blog website imagery
  • social media graphics
  • documentary lower thirds
  • documentary graphics

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