Typography demystified.

It’s one of those geek-chic subjects that classically trained graphic designers can get fanatical about. It’s about using the right font to communicate an idea, and looking at the form and function to make sure they work together (beautifully) for your brand.

Form: Make sure it’s elegant and beautiful, and that the shapes of the font speak to your audience and communicate the type of business you have.
Function: Make sure it’s legible.

Designers can bring form and function together in a way that almost sings.
Great designers can make type look gorgeous, and use fonts in a way that adds to your brand power and supports your message.

About Chris Donnelly

Chris Donnelly is a brand strategist and a launch specialist. She works with entrepreneurs to flesh out their values, their launch plans and that special unspoken secret ingredient that makes them unique in the marketplace.


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